Dantec Dynamics develops and sells integrated measurement systems for diagnostics and research into fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, microfluidics, spray analysis and combustion technology.

DegreeC is recognized as the world’s leading source of airflow and thermal management solutions for the most demanding applications.

          • Environmental Sensing, Measurement & Data Collection
          • Testing & Compliance Validation Instruments for Critical Industries
          • Application-Specific Digital, Thermal & Process Controllers 
          • Thermal Management Design & Consulting Services
          • Prototype Design Validation & Testing
          • Facility Infrastructure Monitoring

P.A.Hilton Ltd and Hi-Tech Education are world-renowned brand names in Engineering Teaching Equipment.

P.A.Hilton Ltd is a proud British manufacturer with an excellent reputation for commitment to top quality, long lasting durable teaching products and a high standard of after-sales support.

We have been providing engineering teaching solutions to thousands of universities around the globe.

UBERTONE is at the forefront of technological innovation in ultrasonic measurement instruments for liquids.

Located in Alsace, UBERTONE is in the heart of Europe, in the golden triangle of scientific research, at the crossroads of France, Germany and Switzerland. The company is specialized in the development and manufacturing of high resolution velocity and acoustic turbidity profilers for scientific applications and OEM acoustic measurement instruments for industries.